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B2B marketing video trending secrets 2021

B2B marketing video trending secrets 2021

When it comes to video marketing, there are often more questions than answers

How to make a viral video?

Is youtube shorts video marketing right for me?

Will insta reels video give my product or company the right exposure?

How will Social video marketing give my brand the necessary mileage?

How will B2B video marketing benefit my business?

How to choose a video marketing agency?

The answer is simple. Video advertising is a lot like cooking.

Well, in a market such as UAE, especially in Dubai, where Real estate video marketing is the most competitive with companies vying for customer recognition and recall, video advertising is tricky. But if you follow the recipe to the tee, you will be able to serve the best video to whet the appetites of your customers.

The instructions for video marketing success

1.Slice and dice- the way the ingredients are cut determines the taste, texture or crunch of a dish. It’s the same with video marketing, edit it, customize it, bring in novel ways of storytelling, aim for wow factor, tap the latest trends and standout from your competition

2. Prepare the full course menu then you can serve the whole menu or individual items of the menu each as a meal in itself. Shoot a comprehensive video, a brand ready-reckoner, include an almanac, capture the essence of the brand and then either use the whole video as your marketing collateral or parts of it for advertising campaigns or social media promotion. Youtube shorts and insta reels is where you can use parts of your comprehensive video effectively without incurring additional cost and effort.

3. The way a dish is cooked- deep fried, baked, shallow fried, air fried, steamed or boiled- imparts its appeal. Deep fried videos focus giving momentary ‘yum,’ piggybacking on the latest fads in your industry, be part or the trending hashtags or such. Baked videos are about presenting the whole picture and telling your brand story. Shallow fried videos highlight the processes, capturing how your brand or product is made or unique methods you employ to make your brand the best. Air fried videos is like an old wine in new bottle; it’s the new avatar of baking wherein you show relaunches, brand makeovers, logo changes and such. Steamed videos are quick glances into your products benefits, uniqueness or variety. Boiled videos give your customers something to talk about your brand, border on controversy and aims for shock or value.

You can make your video truly outstanding by using some innovative ways. Use Live videos – they are like live cooking shows. Record a contest wherein customers have to spot a product in a given setting. Or like a spot the difference contest with the video capturing customer reactions. Shoot in reverse like how a product is made but in reverse- Imagine a scene folding in onto itself. The most effective strategy is to focus on user generated content (UGC). Encourage your customers to submit videos. Videos of Tips and hacks using product is a great opportunity for UGC.

Like a dish engages your sense of smell sight and taste, a video too can engage hearing, sight and feel. Use Behind the scenes footage for video marketing. Blooper and parody videos can also be unique ways of advertising. Similarly, cinemagraphs, virtual tours, stop motion, motion capture, graphics, and time-lapse can be used to differentiate your video marketing from others.

The real value or worth or taste of the dish should not diminish with time. Similarly, videos should bring in likes not just when they are hot and when your customers are hungry. The secret is to take everyday ingredients and transform them into something, flavourful and tasty with your unique spices to give it that extra ‘kick

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