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It’s ingenious, insightful and are searched solutions dedicated to your unique needs.

We are a bunch of creative mavericks who work relentlessly to bring content Marketing and PR services that work for you, differentiate you and define you. We are a highly specialized and dedicated team with proven ability to optimally combine ideas, technology, skilled resources and processes to offer you creative as well as proven content solutions to suit evolving market needs. We offer customized and best-in-class services that are usable, differentiable and scalable to prepare you and your brands to achieve accelerated growth and sustainable performance.

Established in 2014, LB ( Lifestyling Brand ) takes ‘Lifestyling-Inspired’ to the next level through our services, LB is committed to building impressive personas and brands that are engaging and future-ready. We provide specialist services in Personal Branding, Content Development & Marketing and Public Relations.

We cater mainly to IT, Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, Financial Institutions and Retail brands.We are driven by teamwork, creativity, enthusiasm, passion and the success of our clients and partners.




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LB is a Brand Engagement and Digital Content Specialist providing you the Visual and Emotional experience for your Brands, be it an Individual, Product, Service or a Corporate.