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Vertical woes- Smart ideas for video marketing in the smartphone era

What’s common between Charlie Chaplin, Harry Potter and Amazon?

Nothing if viewed in isolation, but for a marketer faced with the challenge of vertical video marketing

they are the ultimate ‘Gurus.’

Currently, there are 3 billion+ smartphone users who spend an average of 5 hours on their phones daily. With Facebook alone, half a billion users spend 100 million hours on videos each day. In this scenario and given the pandemic, as people are spending more time on their phones, vertical video marketing is no longer an option, it is a necessity.

Are you new to vertical video marketing?

Are you struggling with telling a compelling story customized to the largest and fast-growing medium – the smartphone screen?

Is your vertical video not producing the desired ROI?

If yes, then let’s learn from the ‘Gurus.’

The Charlie Chaplin way– The legendary movie-maker shows us that communication doesn’t need sound. A story can be told without words. When you are telling your brand story in the vertical video format, you cannot rely on the volume being up. The video has to silently convey the message and you don’t have to worry about language barriers. An effective way to engage with the consumer is to integrate emotional, relevant and creative ideas into a seamless video, to the point that it seems to be organic.

The Harry Potter way– At a time when most children’s books focused on real-life and moral-based stories, the Harry Potter books brought in a powerful change infusing fantasy and magical elements into real-life situations. Statistics reveal that a person is exposed to an average 5,000 ads in a day. As attention spans are shrinking, the use of ‘magical’ ideas which give reality the required uplift increases the probability of customer recall and engagement by 94%.

The Amazon way– The behemoth has revolutionized the supply chain to the extent that same-day delivery or ‘fast’ delivery has become the game changer for retail. Though the concept wasn’t new, as FedEx had pioneered it, Amazon took it to the next level by reducing the delivery times drastically without costing the consumers a fortune. Amazon has proven that shorter time doesn’t mean a compromise in quality but rather an increase in efficiency.

Today, it is effective to tell powerful short stories in under 10 to 15 seconds. Meaningful conversations and storytelling are the key to catch an audience’s attention, help them remember the brand, as this stirs their emotions and memory.


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