5 best uses of chatbots

5 best uses of chatbots

Chatbots are ubiquitous these days, most commonly being used in the customer service space or as conversational agents. They are performing the roles which were traditionally the domain of living, breathing humans such as Tier-1 support operatives and customer satisfaction representatives.

“If you think you can have a meaningful conversation with a human, you’ll be able to have a meaningful conversation with an AI chatbot in 2029. But you’ll be able to have interesting conversations before that,” according to Ray (Ray Kurzweil, an inventor, futurist, and an engineer at Google) as quoted in The Verge.

Instead of replacing human interaction, chatbots compliment and support businesses ensuring that their customers receive the immediate response that they were looking for without making them wait in a queue. Especially when call center agents are busy, chatbots can take over and offer instant gratification. While nothing beats talking to an empathetic human agent, chatbots can provide a unique customer experience.

As artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep neural network application, each new generation of chatbots is equipped to mimic the real-life, real-world, human experience. Here are 5 ways chatbots help improve business.


  1. Ok Google! What’s the weather like?

The Ok Google fetches information from the internet. It is a chatbot that uses both text and voice input and output. It can do wonderful things. A question such as, Ok Google! What’s the weather like? Will elicit a researched and accurate reply delivered with precise language nuances. It can understand any accent and return the information after a Quick search. This is just one of the many things Google Assistant could do.


  1. Order Crispy Falafel Online

Yes, not only a falafel it can simplify an entire sales process. It’s super simple to build a ‘falafelbot’. You can truly get an almost human-like communication and order anything you want through the mobile app.


  1. Create and manage sales funnels

Wouldn’t it be nice if the bot could manage the sales and marketing for you? When we shop online, add things to our cart, but just did not proceed to payment, the bot, sends an email reminder saying “you’ve got an item in the cart” prompting you to complete your purchase. Not only that, it could also give you compelling discounts that will have you reconsider buying the item.

How would it be if you could do it in your business? The bot could send a note to upsell a particular product? It could also do some redirect marketing. The bots these days are trained to do this.


  1. Set up appointments and reminders

The best example is the Google duplex. Let’s say someone forgets an appointment this bot could help by communicating with you about the same. On elaborate Google Duplex, a new technology for conducting natural conversations to carry out “real world” tasks over the phone. The technology is directed towards completing specific tasks, such as scheduling certain types of appointments. For such tasks, the system makes the conversational experience as natural as possible, allowing people to speak normally, as they would to another person, without having to adapt to a machine. Pretty cool isn’t it?


  1. FAQ’s bot

Just take a moment to think about the number of times you have been put in a situation where you don’t find the required piece of information. In these scenarios, you could ask the bot and it can find answers for you.


Experts believe that AI is going to be a serious investment in customer experience for a couple of years. 47% of organizations are expected to initiate chatbots for customer support services, and 40% are expected to adopt virtual assistants. Predictions of consumer-based services suggest that chatbots are going to be programmed to match human behaviour, offer similar services and improve customer service.



Free and trial chatbots for your business, download and initiate the bots right now!

  1. Tidio
  2. Artibot
  3. Quickreply
  4. IntelliTicks
  5. Engati


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